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Hmm... where to start?!

Being born and raised in Southern California, I was able to practice multiple sports all year round. From soccer to volleyball to snowboarding, this tomboy did it all! I was "one of the guys" to say the least. Always looking forward to a challenge and never afraid to get my hands a little dirty!

It wasn't until about mid 2014 that I started transitioning into the individual you're all familiar with today. No, it didn't happen overnight and no, I haven't lost my passion for the sports! I still partake in pick up games and even count the days to winter just so I can strap into my board again. The biggest thing that changed for me was the sudden turn my life took. I went from an aspiring designer in my second year at FIDM to a Social Media Influencer. In just over a year, my Instagram went from 2,000 followers to 1,000,000 plus.


It all started when I was approached to do a photoshoot for an up and coming street wear line. I was told I had "the look" they needed and that it would gain me a lot of exposure. My schedule was free and I had nothing to lose so I went. I quickly learned I loved being in front of the camera. In a sense, it kinda felt like home.

Anyway, one thing lead to another and I found myself doing similar work for other brands. I was exposed to the potential but felt I was at a huge disadvantage because of the followings and experience other models had. However, I never let that stopped me. In fact, I let it motivate me and it worked! I've connected with influencers and models that have inspired me and I'm collaborating with brands that I've always loved and even worn. Things don't just happen though. I work hard for it. Constantly improving myself and trying to be the best that I can be. It hasn't come easy and I'm sure my future goals won't either. One of which is ending up on the big screen so keep your eyes and ears open. ;)